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Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 Issue 337 (August 1990) Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 Issue 337 (August 1990) Marvel Comics

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Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 Issue 337 (August 1990) Marvel Comics


In this riveting issue titled "The Return of the Sinister Six, pt. 4: Rites and Wrongs," the stakes are higher than ever as Spider-Man faces off against the formidable Sinister Six. The story unfolds as Peter, Mary Jane, May, and others come together to mourn at Nathan's funeral.

However, in the shadows, the sinister Dr. Octopus hatches a diabolical plan to modify the Cordco space rocket, intending to release a poisonous gas into the atmosphere. His demands are clear: the Sinister Six must be made rulers of the Earth. To achieve his sinister goal, Dr. Octopus enlists the help of Mysterio and the Hobgoblin to steal a sample of Burundite, the antidote to his deadly poison. The Burundite is currently on loan to ESU, setting the stage for a daring heist.

Amidst the chaos, Peter and MJ find themselves in a heated quarrel after the funeral, unaware that they are being watched by an unseen observer. Meanwhile, Spidey infiltrates ESU to thwart Mysterio and the Hobgoblin's theft. Things take a bizarre turn when Mysterio doses students with a hallucinogen, making them see Spider-Man as a menacing thug attacking an innocent woman. As they converge on Spidey, Mysterio and the Hobgoblin make their escape with the precious Burundite.

Elsewhere in the city, Felicia and Flash are targeted by muggers, and when Flash stands up to them, Felicia experiences a newfound sense of empowerment. Vulture and Sandman join the fray, pilfering the Coast Guard's amphibious unit while battling Spider-Man.

Simultaneously, Jonathon Caesar devises a sinister plan to kidnap Mary Jane, and Spidey engages in a fierce battle with Electro, who has stolen a crucial portfolio. While Ock's hover jet whisks Electro away, Spider-Man manages to secure part of the portfolio's contents: a Cordco security schematic.

As the pieces of this intricate puzzle fall into place, Dr. Octopus contemplates the disposal of his allies, paving the way for his ultimate plan to take effect.

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