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Avon Gift Collection Holiday Classic Carousel

Avon Gift Collection Holiday Classic Carousel

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Premium Porcelain Construction: Crafted from durable porcelain, this carousel is a visual delight. The smooth, glazed surface adds sophistication, making it a perfect centerpiece for your home.

Dimensions: With a width of approximately 6 inches and a height of approximately 10 inches, this carousel fits seamlessly into various spaces, adding charm to any room.

Magical Rotating Action: Watch in awe as the carousel gracefully rotates, creating a mesmerizing display. Teddy bears riding the intricately detailed horses add to its charm, captivating both young and old.

Musical Melodies: This carousel plays enchanting tunes, filling your space with a festive ambiance that makes every moment special.

Condition: This Avon Gift Collection Holiday Classic Carousel is a used item. Please judge its condition from the pictures provided. If you need more details or images, feel free to request them before making your purchase.

Shipping: All orders will be processed and shipped within 5 business days, ensuring you receive your carousel promptly.

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