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Daredevil Volume 1 Issues 237 238 239 240

Daredevil Volume 1 Issues 237 238 239 240

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Daredevil Volume 1 Issues 237-240 (1986-1987)

237 Synopsis: Matt Murdock is trying to settle into his new life where he's a diner cook by day and Daredevil by night. However, Black Widow doesn't believe it's enough for Matt. An encounter with the sound-manipulating villain known as Klaw might prove Black Widow right!

238 Synopsis: After the Morlock Tunnels have been cleared of blood and dead bodies, various parties claim the tunnels for themselves. Sabretooth sets up base there and decides to teach a lesson to those who think Daredevil will protect them. A confrontation ensues, revealing unexpected details about Daredevil and Sabretooth.

239 Synopsis: There’s a killer leaving the streets red with blood, and the police can’t seem to get a lead. Can Daredevil stop the slasher before the city tears itself apart?

240 Synopsis: Daredevil continues to try and end a serial killer's reign of terror, but things get worse and worse for Daredevil and the city itself!

Release Years: (1986-1987)

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