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NCAA Football 10 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009)

NCAA Football 10 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009)

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NCAA Football 10 kicks off the 2009 season with a new showdown mode that pits you against the world in weekly challenges consisting of five categories: schedule match-ups, games versus any opponent, games against the computer, trivia, and pick 'em games. The object is to win three of the five categories each week. Returning from the previous year's game are online dynasties and the option to create a high-school athlete in his quest to earn a college scholarship. Renamed "Road to Glory with Erin Andrews," the career mode will now have ESPN's sideline reporter following your athlete's milestones and include photos, highlight footage, and interviews for a more personalized take on the action.

A new gameplan option lets coaches tweak their team's style of play by selecting aggressive, balanced, or conservative schemes on both offense and defense, with each scheme offering various strengths and weaknesses. Another risk-reward feature involves ordering your defense to key-in on a specific play. Guess correctly and you'll increase the likelihood of the play being stopped for a loss. Guess incorrectly and you could place your defense at risk for a big play. Also new is the ability to create up to 12 schools by selecting team colors, uniform styles, stadiums, athlete names, and even fight songs. Created schools can then be taken online to compete in a custom conference.

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