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Ox Beanie Baby Zodiac Collection

Ox Beanie Baby Zodiac Collection

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Zodiac Ox Beanie Baby


Introducing Zodiac Ox, a magnificent creature in vibrant orange-brown hues! This charming ox features captivating green-gold and black button eyes, complemented by a peach-colored nose adorned with red stitching for his nostrils. With large shiny gold horns and hooves, Zodiac Ox exudes a regal aura. His tail is adorned with fluffy orange fur, adding to his charm and elegance.

Zodiac Note: Bright, patient, and inspiring to others, Zodiac Ox often stands out as an outstanding parent. If your temperament aligns, the snake and rooster might be your compatible companions. However, be cautious of the goat, as it may bring you trouble!

Release Date: 19/08/2000
Retirement Date: 08/05/2001

Condition: This Zodiac Ox Beanie Baby is in used condition. Please assess the condition from the provided pictures or feel free to request more images if needed.

Shipping: All orders ship within 5 business days.

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