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Scoop The Pelican

Scoop The Pelican

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Scoop the Pelican Beanie Baby


Meet Scoop the Pelican, a skillful fisherman of the deep blue sea! Scoop is a vibrant blue pelican with expressive black button eyes and a large orange beak, ready to scoop up his catch of the day. He stands tall on bright orange feet and features small, blue wings that match the color of his body, giving him a sleek and aerodynamic look.

Poem: "All day long he scoops up fish, To fill his bill, is his wish. Diving fast and diving low, Hoping those fish are very slow!"

Release Date: 15/06/1996
Retirement Date: 31/12/1998

Condition: This Scoop the Pelican Beanie Baby is in used condition. Please assess the condition from the provided pictures or feel free to request more images if needed.

Shipping: All orders ship within 5 business days.

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