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93 Assorted Mighty Beanz with 2 Cases

93 Assorted Mighty Beanz with 2 Cases

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Exciting Lot of 93 Assorted Mighty Beanz with 2 Cases


Dive into the vibrant world of Mighty Beanz with this incredible assortment of 93 pieces, each brimming with character and endless fun. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a beginner eager to explore the Mighty Beanz universe, this lot is your perfect ticket.

Condition: Used (Please judge condition from pictures or request more)

What's Included:

  • 93 Assorted Mighty Beanz: This collection offers a diverse array of Mighty Beanz, ranging from classic designs to rare and intriguing editions. Please note that these Mighty Beanz are used. Judge their condition from pictures or request more for a detailed view.
  • 2 Cases: Keep your Mighty Beanz collection organized and secure. Crafted to showcase your Beanz stylishly, they are equipped with compartments tailored to fit Mighty Beanz perfectly, allowing you to display your favorites and take them with you wherever you go.

Why Choose This Mighty Beanz Lot:

  • Variety Galore: This assortment includes a wide range of Mighty Beanz, ensuring that you'll never tire of discovering new characters and designs.
  • Perfect for Collectors: Whether you're an avid Mighty Beanz collector or just starting your collection, this lot offers a fantastic opportunity to expand your horizons and add pieces to your collection.

Shipping: All orders ship within 5 business days.

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