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Captain Ameria Volume 1 Issues 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297

Captain Ameria Volume 1 Issues 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297

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Captain America Volume 1 Issues 290-297 (1984):

290 Synopsis: 1st appearance of Mother Superior (Synthia Schmidt) (later becomes Sin). Cap's friends are plagued by nightmares caused by the mysterious Mother Superior, daughter of the Red Skull.

291 Synopsis: Cap and the new Tumbler discover that Guardian Life Insurance has been insuring super-villains with no intention of honoring any claims.

292 Synopsis: Black Crow battles Cap during Christmas Eve to seek retribution for the past transgressions against the Native American peoples, but the two part on seemingly good terms. Cap and the Avengers leave for Secret Wars.

293 Synopsis: The shield-slinger travels to Virginia to visit an old friend, Dave Cox, and talk about a mutual acquaintance...the late Sharon Carter. Has Bernie's surprise marriage proposal made Cap long for days gone by? Meanwhile at Skull-House, Mother Superior, Baron Zemo, and the Red Skull continue scheming against Captain America. Their next move...turn one of Cap's friends into a super-villain!

294 Synopsis: Mother Superior has transformed Dave Cox into the Slayer. Now with Captain America on the sidelines, it's up to Nomad to stop the Slayer! But Mother Superior and Baron Zemo have the deck stacked in their favor.

295 Synopsis: Mother Superior and Baron Zemo are gradually closing in on all the friends of Steve Rogers. Dave Cox lies in the hospital in a coma and Arnie Roth has been kidnapped. Who will be next? Meanwhile, Cap and Nomad decide to take the fight directly to Skull-House. Once inside, they encounter the Sisters of Sin.

297 Synopsis: There is growing dissension among the bad guys as Baron Zemo and Mother Superior plot against one another to become the Red Skull's protege. The villains force Captain America to subconsciously relive his final moments with Bucky Barnes in 1945. Why is the Red Skull giving the star-spangled avenger a chance to go back in time to save Bucky?

Release Years: (1984)

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