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Captain America Volume 1 Issues 299 300 301 302 303 304

Captain America Volume 1 Issues 299 300 301 302 303 304

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Captain America Volume 1 Issues 299-304 (1984-1985)

299 Synopsis: His friends want to find him! His Foes want to kill him! This is Captain America's last stand!

300 Synopsis: It's a battle to the death! Captain America versus the Red Skull!

301 Synopsis: The Red Skull has been defeated! But Cap's not out of danger yet. With the combined efforts of Hank Pym and the Vision, the Avengers race against the clock to save Cap's life! But will their efforts prove successful when Mother Superior interrupts the de-aging process?

302 Synopsis: In this issue: Captain America goes up against Machete, a South American master of bladed weapons! Can Cap go toe-to-toe with this new enemy?

303 Synopsis: Without his shield, is Captain America any match for Batroc's Brigade?

304 Synopsis: Stane International has Cap's mighty shield! And Cap has vowed to get it back! But can even the legendary skill of the star-spangled Avenger overcome an opponent who wears armor created from the same mysterious metal as Cap's invincible shield?

Release Years: (1984-1985)

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