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Captain America Volume 1 Issues 306 307 308 309

Captain America Volume 1 Issues 306 307 308 309

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Captain America Volume 1 Issues 306-309 (1985)

306 Synopsis: As Captain America and Captain Britain find themselves chained in a dungeon, Modred uses the Captain Britain costume to lay waste to London, demanding that Merlin appear to fight him. The Captains succeed in freeing themselves, and Cap Britain convinces Modred to give him his costume back so he can summon Merlin. The magician refuses to materialize, however, and the Captains have to take down Modred on their own. Once Modred has fallen, Merlin arrives and takes him into an alternate dimension.

307 Synopsis: 1st appearance of Madcap. In London, Captain Britain puts Captain America on a jet back to the states. Back home, Jack decides to stop being a freeloader and gets a job as a bag boy at the local market. His shift is interrupted, however, by the zany villainy of Madcap, and Jack ducks out to battle the villain as Nomad. His absence does not go unnoticed, and he gets fired when he returns to work.

308 Synopsis: 1st appearance of Armadillo (Antonio Rodriguez). Cap, while in California, decides to visit his friends, the West Coast Avengers. Instead of sun and fun, he finds the deadly Armadillo and... the Beyonder.

309 Synopsis: Madcap returns, and Nomad must stop him. The outcome results in a change to Cap and Nomad's partnership.

Release Year: (1985)

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