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Congo the Gorilla Beanie Baby

Congo the Gorilla Beanie Baby

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Congo the Gorilla Beanie Baby


Meet Congo the Gorilla, a magnificent creature embodying strength and grace! Congo is made from a sleek black material with a brown face, ears, hands, and feet, creating a striking contrast. His powerful presence is accentuated by his black button eyes, black nose, and a prominent brow above his eyes, reflecting his majestic nature.

Poem: "Black as the night and fierce is he, On the ground or in a tree. Strong and mighty as the Congo, He’s related to our Bongo!"

Release Date: 15/06/1996
Retirement Date: 31/12/1998

Condition: This Congo the Gorilla Beanie Baby is in used condition. Please assess the condition from the provided pictures or feel free to request more images if needed.

Shipping: All orders ship within 5 business days.

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