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Daredevil Volume 1 Issues 191 192 193 194 195

Daredevil Volume 1 Issues 191 192 193 194 195

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Daredevil Volume 1 Issues 191-195 (1983) Marvel Comics

Issue 191 Synopsis: A troubled Daredevil pays a visit to Bullseye, still paralyzed from their previous encounter. As Daredevil plays Russian Roulette with his helpless foe, he recounts the reason for his visit. The tale involves a potential client, Hank Jurgens, his son Chuckie's obsession with Daredevil, and a mysterious frame-up. The story unfolds, revealing a darker side to Chuckie's admiration for the Man Without Fear.

Issue 192 Synopsis: Kingpin attempts to manipulate Ben Urich by exploiting his wife's desire for a new house. Ben must navigate the challenges of being a good reporter, a good husband, and a good man, as the Kingpin's influence looms large.

Issue 193 Synopsis: Daredevil follows the trail of stolen missiles, leading him to a cruise ship and a traveling magician unwittingly in possession of a stolen gun. The quest for justice takes an unexpected turn as Daredevil confronts the mysteries surrounding the stolen weaponry.

Issue 194 Synopsis: A retired, half-blind counterfeiter named Jeremiah Jenk, formerly employed by the Kingpin, hires Matt to convince the council of elders to allow him to return to his former life. As Daredevil navigates the complexities of Jenk's plea, he discovers hidden truths and moral dilemmas.

Issue 195 Synopsis: Tarkington Brown, facing his imminent demise, recruits a group of cops to form a criminal-killing murder squad as his final contribution before death. Heather, while drunk at a party, reveals to Tark that Matt is Daredevil, setting the stage for a confrontation between the Man Without Fear and a deadly squad.

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