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Daredevil Volume 1 Issues 201 202 203 204 205 206 207

Daredevil Volume 1 Issues 201 202 203 204 205 206 207

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Daredevil Volume 1 Issues 201-207 (1983-1984) Marvel Comics

Issue 201 Synopsis: Someone takes a shot at Foggy, and a wounded Daredevil enlists the Black Widow's aid in trying to find out who is trying to kill his partner.

Issue 202 Synopsis: Daredevil reflects on recent events while handling a new case involving Micah, chief of the East African Kinjorge tribe, and his two wives. As legal complications arise, Daredevil must navigate the challenges of justice, societal expectations, and personal conflicts.

Issue 203 Synopsis: Daredevil busts up the Trump's gang during a gun theft, working with Ben Urich to uncover Trump's true identity. The pursuit of justice takes unexpected turns, leading Daredevil deeper into the criminal underworld.

Issue 204 Synopsis: King Micah takes a tour of the Manhattan subway system, but an assassin named Crossbow takes a shot at him. Daredevil intervenes, leading to a series of events involving family secrets, political intrigue, and an ongoing battle against those who seek to harm Micah.

Issue 205 Synopsis: Debbie Nelson's niece, Glorianna O'Breen, arrives from Ireland seeking refuge from the Irish Republican Army. Daredevil becomes involved in protecting Glorianna as he confronts a killer known as the Gael, leading to a complex web of personal and political struggles.

Issue 206 Synopsis: Becky Blake is mugged in her apartment, prompting Daredevil's intervention. Simultaneously, chaos ensues at a hotel housing Micah Synn and his tribe. Daredevil faces challenges in the form of savagery and a mysterious figure, leading to a confrontation with the Kingpin.

Issue 207 Synopsis: HYDRA agents capture the Black Widow, demanding Daredevil's assistance in locating a Russian defector named Anton Krapotkin. Daredevil embarks on a mission to find Krapotkin and save the Black Widow. The pursuit leads to confrontations with HYDRA, a ticking bomb, and a race against time to prevent a deadly outcome.

  • Release Years: 1983 and 1984
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