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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Sony PlayStation 3, 2008)

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Sony PlayStation 3, 2008)

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Title: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
System: PlayStation 3
Release Year: 2008
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
Condition: Used (Please use pictures to judge condition or request more.)

Developed by: Capcom
Published by: Capcom
ESRB Rating: Teen (13+)

Brief Synopsis:
Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in "Lost Planet: Extreme Condition" for PlayStation 3. Set on the frozen planet of E.D.N. III, you'll step into the shoes of Wayne Holden, a snow pirate battling against the hostile Akrid creatures and the oppressive forces of the NEVEC corporation. With a variety of powerful weapons and vital mechs called Vital Suits at your disposal, you'll navigate treacherous environments and engage in intense battles against colossal enemies. Whether you're exploring the icy landscapes or engaging in fast-paced combat, Lost Planet offers a thrilling experience with its immersive gameplay and epic scale.

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