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NCAA Football 07 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006)

NCAA Football 07 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006)

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NCAA Football 07 makes its Xbox 360 debut with many of the new features introduced in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions. Teams can build and lose momentum with the "Turn the Tide" aspect, as each play from scrimmage has the potential to increase or decrease a team's all-important impetus to win the game. NCAA Football 07 also includes an advanced graphics engine similar to Madden NFL 06 on the console, but with the inclusion of "smart" fans -- 3D crowds that will rise to their feet during big plays or quiet down if the visiting team scores. Different stadium sections will also act independently of one another.

A full-featured dynasty mode is the focus in this version. Players can recruit athletes throughout the postseason or during the season. Stat tracking has been expanded to include complete box scores for each season game, while an ESPN Ticker keeps players apprised of day-to-day transactions as they negotiate coaching contracts, transfer requests, and other details. An exclusive "photo mode" is also available, with players able to snap action pictures during instant replays to store in a special album. Each photo will have assigned information such as the teams involved, the date, and the specific play results. Other notable features include an assortment of training-oriented mini-games and Xbox Live support for online matches.

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