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Roam The Buffalo Beanie Baby

Roam The Buffalo Beanie Baby

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Roam the Buffalo Beanie Baby


Introducing Roam the Buffalo, a magnificent creature reminiscent of the American wilderness. Roam is a dark brown buffalo with soulful black button eyes and black stitching for his nostrils, exuding a sense of strength and majesty. His distinctive feature includes "wooly" brown material around his head, neck, and front legs, enhancing his authenticity. Roam is adorned with cream-colored horns, adding to his regal appearance.

Poem: "Once roaming wild on American land, Tall and strong, wooly and grand. So rare and special is this guy, Find him quickly, he’s quite a buy!"

Release Date: 30/09/1998
Retirement Date: 23/12/1999

Condition: This Roam the Buffalo Beanie Baby is in used condition. Please assess the condition from the provided pictures or feel free to request more images if needed.

Shipping: All orders ship within 5 business days.

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