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The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 Issue 377 (May 1993) Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 Issue 377 (May 1993) Marvel Comics

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The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 Issues 376 and 377 (April and May 1993) Marvel Comics

Issue 377 Synopsis:

In this thrilling issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, our web-slinging hero confronts the relentless duo of Styx and Stone. With danger lurking at every corner, Spider-Man must navigate this treacherous terrain and outwit his adversaries. Cardiac, with his calculated ruthlessness, adds another layer of complexity to the challenge.

Issue 376 Synopsis:

Get ready for the return of Styx and Stone! Spider-Man finds himself crossing paths with Cardiac while investigating a shadowy filmmaker, leading to a web of intrigue and danger. Trouble brews on the home front when MJ's job is threatened, adding a personal dimension to Spider-Man's challenges.

  • Release Dates: April and May 1993
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